About Grenada

Beautiful View From the Carenage - Grenada Real Estate

A little bit of paradise! It may not be perfect but it's pretty good. You don't need Coldwell Banker to tell you about the blissful climate, the warm clear waters, the lush green vegetation, the pure white sand beaches (and the odd black one!), the cooling trade winds, the mountains clad in rain forest, the music, the smiling faces... Other people have done that. We would just add a few points that sometimes get missed - uppers and downers depending on your viewpoint and in no particular order.

  • There is very little crime
  • Fishing is excellent, inshore and big game
  • Sailing is as good as anywhere in the world
  • Scuba diving is as good as anywhere in the Caribbean
  • There are no traffic wardens or parking meters
  • The standard of driving is... interesting!
  • Cars are expensive...
  • ... and so there are no traffic jams
  • The national pastime is traffic direction.... but we're no good at it!
  • There is no postal delivery service, zip codes, street signs, nor signposts (see above).
  • Petrol is cheap(ish)
  • Beer and spirits are cheap
  • Wine is expensive(ish)
  • Labour costs are very low
  • Material costs are high(ish)
  • The range of shops and stock is small
  • You can get anything you want shipped in easily
  • (You just need to order it 3-4 weeks before you need it)
  • You don't need much!
  • Electricity is expensive
  • Hurricanes don't happen here... often!
  • It's difficult to earn money here
  • Non-Grenadians need a work permit before being employed.
  • Residency and citizenship are available
  • Grenadians don't particularly feel the need to be told how to run their island.
  • Mangos are available most of the year